I have contributed to many projects, including:

Past and current projects include:

  • Hahbee (WIP) - A social network targeting social events
  • LaborSheetDb - A contractor job site reporting tool

I'm experenced in the following buzzwords:

  • Numerical Analysis
  • Mathematical interests:
    • Data Assimilation (basically, mathematically rigorous unsupervised learning)
    • Stocastic differential equations
    • Dynamic systems, numerical PDEs, nonlinear problems
    • Combinatorics, graph theory, polyhedral model/polytopes
  • Weather forcasting, specifically shallow water models
  • Chemistry
  • Erlang/Elixir
  • Rust
  • C++/C
  • Typescript
  • Angular2/HTML/CSS
  • PostgreSQL/PostGIS
  • Openstreet data
  • Phoenix Framework
  • Linux
  • Embedded development
  • libvpx
  • Pepper APIs (the APIs provided to PNaCl/NaCl apps)
  • General video game development
  • OpenGl (ES)


Currently attending the University of Kansas, Majoring in Mathematics, Minoring in Chemistry (from 2013-2018).

Previous Courses
  • PDEs (Math 647)
  • Calculus of Variations (Math 648)
  • Discrete Probability (Math 624)
  • Probability (Math 627)
  • Intermediate Analysis (essentially real topology) (Math 500)
  • Numerical Analysis/Methods, Numerical Linear Algebra (Maths 781, 782)
  • Data Assimilation (Math 996) (WIP)
  • Organic Chemistry

Project Descriptions


Ported Rust to PNaCl/NaCl, enabling the compiler to pass most of it's test suite. Involved many changes to the PNaCl IR simplifications passes, the most notable change required mapping general vector IR into PNaCl allowed vector IR (hasn't made it into pnacl-llvm). (GSOC'15)


Ported VLC to PNaCl for a client, allowing VLC to play video/audio in any webpage (ie not limited to use as a Chrome Store app). Created modules to fetch and cache remote media resources (ie resource retreived over HTTP(S)), play audio, and provide a rich, versioned API to JS. Modified VLC's core to allow it to correctly run without pthread_kill/signals. Required dealing with PPAPI audio sync issues. Upstreaming in-progress.


A WIP social network, which targets the way we organise our lives around groups of friends and our interests. Hahbee is being built for all of the mobile platforms, with the intention to leverage location data to provide the ablity to automatically associate content with events, and to provide the user with similar suggestions w.r.t. an event.

Uses Elixir/Postgres on the backend, and Angular2 on the frontend.


Automated the previously manual job of creating Excel job reports, including pretty charts for each job or in aggregate. Source